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Transform Your Project with Sustainable Ground Screw Foundations

Experience the future of foundations with our eco-friendly ground screws. Ideal for garden rooms, home extensions, log cabins, or solar arrays, our ground screws offer a faster, greener alternative to traditional concrete bases.
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Unbeatable foundations

Benefits of Ground Screws

Ground screws provide a versatile and eco-friendly foundation solution for various projects. Discover the unique advantages of using ground screws for your next build:
Accessible for remote and off-grid locations
Effective on sloping, uneven, and soft terrain
Installable in any season and weather conditions
No digging, no damage, no delays!
Quick Installation
Begin construction immediately after installation
Durable & Resistant
Made from galvanized steel to withstand harsh conditions
Versatile for All Terrains
Suitable for various soil types and challenging landscape
A better Solution

Why Ground Screws Are the Smart Choice

Choosing ground screws for your foundation needs offers a range of benefits that make them a superior alternative to traditional concrete. From sustainability to speed and versatility, ground screws provide a reliable and efficient solution for a variety of projects.

Eco-Friendly Foundations

Ground screws provide a sustainable, low-carbon alternative to concrete, reducing your project's environmental footprint.

Speed and Convenience

Eliminate the wait with ground screws, which are ready to support your structure 70% faster than concrete.

Versatility and Reliability

Perfect for sites that are enclosed or difficult to access. Easily level sloping, uneven, and soft ground for a stable foundation.

Comprehensive Solutions

We offer custom subframes designed and installed to meet your project's specific needs, ensuring a strong, dependable base for all applications.
Build Your Dream Garden Room

Our Process: Simple, Fast, Effective

Step 1

Site Evaluation and Testing

Our team conducts thorough site assessments and tensile ground tests, ensuring each ground screw meets the specific demands of your project.

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